Transform your toilet with a Bio Bidet

Bio-BidetPersonal hygiene is important to us these days. The Bio-Bidet is an innovative approach to this. It is a toilet seat, bidet and drier all in one and can be fitted to most conventional toilets to create a sophisticated shower-toilet without having to make large changes to the bathroom.

The Bio-Bidet enables users to wash and blow dry themselves and provides a hygienic and thorough cleansing procedure. It can be programmed to follow the complete process at the touch of a button so it is easy for people who might find the different options confusing.
In short this product is an asset to any bathroom. More information:


Geberit AquaClean 8000

gerberit 8000This complete system washes you clean with a full, smooth water spray at body temperature. The intensity and temperature of the spray can be individually adjusted. The oscillating spray ensures a thorough and beneficial clean, and the nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water before and after every use.

The high-quality, dirt-resistant ceramic surface allows for quick and easy cleaning. This modern shower toilet combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet – perfectly, and even dries you! Exclusive to Living Needs.

We have a fully functional Gerberit Shower Toilet set up in our fully fitted disabled toilet at the Mill Road Showroom.  For more information:

Body Drier

Living Needs Body Drier

Traditional towel drying can present many problems to those with limited mobility. The Apres Body Drier has been especially designed to help the elderly and the disabled to dry themselves properly after bathing or showering.

The body dryer has gentle air jets that direct perfectly balanced heat onto the body to dry easily without the need for rubbing which is particularly good for people with fragile or dry skin. In most cases it can make the bathing process more practical and eliminate the need for assistance when drying, thus allowing the user a little more independence.

Easy to use, the dryer is operated by an air pressure switch that can be located in the easiest position for the user – even on the floor. Tested to rigorous safety procedures, the warm air can also help to relax joints and sooth delicate skin, and the drier can be easily fitted into the corner of most bathing areas.

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