Riser Recliner Chairs

Which recliner

The company Donna awardof Royams has been around for 40 years, it is a family owned and run business with a history and hand crafted quality.

Royams are a furniture manufacturer who have expanded into the riser chair market. They have won WHICH? Best riser recliner chair both this year and last. Their Donna Award Chair comes with a dual motor system allowing the leg rest to be moved independently of the back of the chair. The build quality of the chair is robust and stable, one of the WHICH criteria is that the chair feel stable in the raised position, this can be a frightening position if the chair is a little wobbly when raised. The solid wooden knuckles make the chair look lovely and it will not stand out from your other furniture as being an “aid” as the fabric can be selected to compliment your existing furniture.

These chairs are “made to measure” for each customer to a high standard. Our advisor, David, will let you try one of the chairs and help you ensure that you get the right one. He will take some measurements to ensure that the chair is a good fit for you and give you all the options to make an informed choice.
Quality and Customer Service. Bespoke design.

This just one of a huge range of riser/recliner chairs that we can supply. Please contact us for information on other models to suit your personal needs.

For more information: www.royams.net